Occupy Wall Street

Just wanted to show you a few pictures I took from the movement. The protesters want to get corporate money out of politics and return the country to a democracy where every person gets equal say regardless of how much money you may have. It's a peaceful movement. I personally admire those people who do not hesitate to sleep outside for a few days in order to defend their ideas. It's especially courageous in the US where you can easily get arrested for protesting in the streets. However I wish the message was more targeted. They should let the world know their exact demands! ....BUT WHERE IS THE MEDIA?



... I dream of an empty New York City. Of a train waiting for me every morning at my local subway stop. The MTA employee would welcome me from his booth with a large smile and a fancy “Bonjour Mademoiselle”. I would jump in the train and choose one of the multiple comfy seats facing me. And it would smell GOOD.

The train would go straight to Penn Station where I usually get off and start walking to my workplace.

No suspicious packages, No works on the tracks, No sick customers, No delays because of the train in front of us, No inappropriate sexual conducts. And No "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not selling money for no basketball team. I am just trying to stay off the streets and raise a little cash..."

I would walk on 33rd Street without trying to avoid the 563 persons waiting on line for their Bolt Bus. The Starbucks barista would be waiting for me with my Apple Fritter/Skinny Caramel Macchiato ready.

My life wouldn’t be threatened anymore by those umbrella weapons on a rainy day.

And I would get to my office. EARLY.

Only in NYC...

... you find some of the best Fashion designers and so many different styles in the streets... including THAT:


1940s: New York City in all its glory

The following pictures were taken by Charles Weever Cushman, in the 40s, when World Ward Two was going on... They are just amazing.

The Liberty Street Ferry on September 27, 1941:

Men and boys are seen collecting salvage on the Lower East Side on October 4, 1941:

October 3, 1942:

A portable soft drink stand at Bowling Green on October 1, 1942... Not that different from the ones we can see nowadays in our streets:

Lower Manhattan is pictured from a Jersey City ferry boat on September 27, 1941:

If you want to see more pictures and prolong your trip in the 1940s: