The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo: 30,000 copies sold a week.

Before talking about the NY Fashion week extravaganza... Here is another recent "International Sensation":

Stieg Larssons, a Swedish journalist known for his attacks on Neo-nazis and other extremist groups, died at the age of 50 from a heart attack. 6 months before his cardiac accident, he had brought 3 manuscripts to the main Swedish publisher: Norstedts (http://www.norstedts.se/Om-Norstedts/In-English). The books were published after his death and became a huge success. The first book, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (whose first title was "Men who hate Women") was published 2 years ago and is still Number 1 in the New York Times Best Seller List.

The Swedish film adaptation is just great, very realistic and gritty. Maybe the first time that I am not disappointed by a movie after having read the books!! The actors and actresses look a lot like normal than in the US movies by the way... (I don't know why...)

The story deals with an intriguing mystery. Henrik Vanger, a rich octogenarian industrialist hires a journalist to investigate the disapearance of his great-niece, Harriet. Lisbeth Salander, a 24-year-old computer hacker with a lot of private issues, teams with the journalist (Mikael Blomkvist) to solve the mystery. She is "The Girl with the dragon tattoo".

The original Swedish title was: "Men who hate Women"and most of the men of the book are violent misogynists...

I read the first book and saw the first movie. I would highly recommend you to read the books but you may become super addicted for a few weeks.............


Have a seat

This week, in Steinway St. Subway station

Back to school time

We are lucky: it’s still unbearably hot here in New York City. BUT it’s already Labor Day and the city is starting speeding up again. Well, it’s time for a FALL 2010 TO DO list:

- Starting hunting for a new coat. Unfortunately, the new Zara E-shop is not available yet in the US but when you are in the City it’s hard to ignore the “camel trend” coming up.

Camel is the new black! By the way the NY 2010 Fashion week is scheduled from Thursday September 9th to Thursday September 16th 2010. Those "Super Bowls of Fashion" will take place at the Lincoln Center for the first time. It's just a few blocks from where I work, so count on me to post tons of pictures on the blog very soon.

- Adopting the smoky eyes. I just made an expedition to Sephora (the one in Soho so it was a real expedition) to buy some girl stuffs. And I tried it and it looked great.

- Exploring more the city and Long Island! My fall resolution would be to visit a new place every week: Brooklyn Museum, Botanic Gardens, Art galleries, the Hamptons... I still have plenty of places to discover in the area.

- Still reading a lot. Business literature, New York Times, blogs...

- Starting practicing Yoga again. Because I miss it so much and because I just found out that there are some "pay as you wish" yoga classes in Prospect Park.

OK kids. Quit drinking Rosé wine, Fall 2010 is coming...