8 Million Stories

One thing I love doing when I have some free time in the City is to sit down in a Starbucks and watch people in the street...

Yes, I am a stalker.

But seriously, have you ever thought of what other people were doing or thinking at this exact moment. Those 8,175,133 New Yorkers. Is there something comforting about looking around and imagining the lives of the people around us? I think so.

I wonder where this girl walking in this tiny shirt and tight leather leggings on a cold October morning is rushing to. Where can she probably work?
And that guy! His suit is way too big! Unless he doesn't have any hands? I doubt it.
That family must be French. French tourists. I'm telling you.

... So you see? Why is it so enjoyable?
NYC is such a fascinating city. We are surrounded by so many people. But in the other hand, it seems so difficult to meet people and establish some kind of solid relationships.

Sometimes I hope that I will get a chance to learn the stories of the tiny guy, the French family... etc; the stories behind those passing encounters.

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