The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo: 30,000 copies sold a week.

Before talking about the NY Fashion week extravaganza... Here is another recent "International Sensation":

Stieg Larssons, a Swedish journalist known for his attacks on Neo-nazis and other extremist groups, died at the age of 50 from a heart attack. 6 months before his cardiac accident, he had brought 3 manuscripts to the main Swedish publisher: Norstedts (http://www.norstedts.se/Om-Norstedts/In-English). The books were published after his death and became a huge success. The first book, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (whose first title was "Men who hate Women") was published 2 years ago and is still Number 1 in the New York Times Best Seller List.

The Swedish film adaptation is just great, very realistic and gritty. Maybe the first time that I am not disappointed by a movie after having read the books!! The actors and actresses look a lot like normal than in the US movies by the way... (I don't know why...)

The story deals with an intriguing mystery. Henrik Vanger, a rich octogenarian industrialist hires a journalist to investigate the disapearance of his great-niece, Harriet. Lisbeth Salander, a 24-year-old computer hacker with a lot of private issues, teams with the journalist (Mikael Blomkvist) to solve the mystery. She is "The Girl with the dragon tattoo".

The original Swedish title was: "Men who hate Women"and most of the men of the book are violent misogynists...

I read the first book and saw the first movie. I would highly recommend you to read the books but you may become super addicted for a few weeks.............

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